Pretty in Pink

I’d decided to treat myself to a new sewing machine, just something simple which will hopefully do a good buttonhole (very important to me!) A little light weight machine, nothing fancy, not too expensive, easy to teach on, maybe a couple of fancy decorative stitches……okay, maybe I was asking for more than I thought, but after sewing for more than (ahem) 30 years I know what i want. I looked at some embroidery machines and figured I’d have to sell an awful lot of monogrammed bath robes to pay for it. Besides, they looked complicated, very big and bulky and to be honest, pretty ugly!!!! Not that what a machine looks like is that important, but my current baby is the Singer 160th Anniversary Edition, and it’s a stylish looking number.

and then i spotted her, and she’s called Simple (exactly what I want, I think). She’s light weight, she’s on sale AND SHE’S PRETTY!!!!!!! I think I will call her Molly.


Singer Simple

Happy Birthday to ME! I’ll let you know if she works as good as she looks.

(PS, I have no affiliation with Singer!)



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